High-Speed Precision
Industrial Flat Belts

For all high-speed equipment including; internal grinders,
external grinders, surface grinders, centrifuges, routers,
shapers, and tool post grinders

America's Largest Manufacturer of
Precision Grinding Wheel Adapters.

Markets and Applications for Sopko Flat Belts

Suitable for all lightly-loaded, high-speed industrial applications
requiring high speed ratios and/or small diameter pulleys.

Ordinary Woven Belt Construction

Internal Friction Causes Early Failure in Woven or Braided Belts
All woven or braided belts consist of tightly interlaced cords patterned somewhat in the basic weaving design shown above. Since the cords are interlaced, internal friction results, and braided or woven belts literally saw themselves to pieces.

Speed-Flex ® Flat Belt Construction

The Innovative Belt Construction That Eliminates Internal Friction
Speed-Flex® flat belt construction bonds a layer of strong pulling-cords onto a layer of cross-cords that serve as a tread. The layers are integrally fused together with a sheet of oil and heat resistant rubber that results in an internally friction-free construction for longer life and less down-time

Features and Benefits:

  • Oil and heat Resistant
  • Static Conductive
  • Long Belt Life
  • Smooth running
  • Non-Slipping
  • Flexible

* Registered trademark of the Gates Rubber Company

Belt guards have been removed for photographic purposes only !
Use proper guarding when operating machinery.