Founded in 1952 in Cleveland, Ohio Wm. Sopko & Sons Co. has become a leading manufacturer of grinding accessories and a recognized specialist in repairing and rebuilding precision spindles of all types.

Our manufactured line is extensive and includes a wide array of stocked products ranging from wheel adapters for both large and small surface grinders to ID grinding quills made for Heald Red Head, Bryant, Okuma, and Fischer grinding spindles-just to name a few. We make and stock hundreds of Flat Belt and Poly-Vee belt Heald wheelhead and motor pulleys. Tool and Cutter Grinder users will find adapters to fit older Cincinnati No. 1 and No. 2 grinders as well a large selection of wheel-pack adapters for Walter Helitronic, ANCA, Huffman, Strausak and Schneeberger CNC machines. Our manufactured line of accessories include, Glare gear nuts, flanges with diameters ranging from 1-1/2"to 8", spacers, spindle nuts, wrenches, truing and balancing arbors, pullers, balancing stands, and a selection of innovative double-taper quills designed to convert internal grinding spindles for external grinding applications.

Regardless of how conscientiously any machine operator has handled a spindle or how meticulously they've been maintained, sooner or later repair will be needed. For over fifty years Sopko technicians have worked on most of the world's spindle systems... consequently we are well prepared to apply that wealth of knowledge to your next spindle repair. We've worked on belt driven, gear driven, high frequency, and motorized spindles. We understand how balanced rotating parts and tight tolerances impact spindle longevity and we realize the vital roll bearing selection plays in spindle rpm, temperature control and stiffness. Closely related to bearing selection is lubrication choice, and here again we have the know-how to successfully integrate the two elements for optimum performance. We are the domestic warranty repair center for Dumore products and an authorized distributor of Dumore tools and parts.


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